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For The Children

By L.A. OrtegaNovember 25, 2019 Always for the children. Since 1994, a nonprofit I founded called Community Union, Inc., has inspired youth to build a better, safer future through technology. Whether it be in introducing the children in 1999 to what Y2K looked like, or training their parents on how to access key on-line resources …

One Million NIU Touched over 30 Million Lives

Here is short list of publications and TV interviews: News Agency Date Whittier Daily News March 29, 2012 Univision Ch34 Los Angeles April 2, 2012 KWHY-TV – Los Angeles April 11, 2012 ABC7 – Pico Rivera April 12, 2012 Univision – Fresno May 5, 2012 Univision Ch34 Los Angeles July 27, 2012 NIU On-line Korean …

Community Technology Report, October 27, 2019

I break down the real on the recent Irregulators vs. FCC lawsuit filed to break-up the big tax and price scam being played on American Consumers. Watch Video: Whoever you are, wherever you are, tax dodging by America’s largest telecommunications companies has already had, and will continue to have significant impact on your quality …

Guilty as Charged…We knew it to be true, now we have the evidence

Scratching our head we look at our telephone bill, remarking: WTFraudulent-over-charges is going on here? We have known forever and a day the phone companies have been sticking it to us. Well the good news is our expert data guy from New Networks Institute’s can prove it, beyond a reasonable doubt. Yes ladies and gentlemen …

Examples of working Green economic models

A vision for the region of Pomona Valley that means jobs, health, economic sustainability.

THC v. Chemo Treatment to kill cancer

Chemo Kills Healthy Cells But THC Kills Cancer Cells Only

In the middle of climate catastrophe (not change).

Climate catastrophe has happened before—and it’s teaching us about the future.