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One Million NIU Touched over 30 Million Lives

NIU’s success has attracted much media coverage. The stories leave incredible images of what the possibilities when technology tools are put in place to help develop a vision for a better , safer future.

Community Technology Report, October 27, 2019

I break down the real on the recent Irregulators vs. FCC lawsuit filed to break-up the big tax and price scam being played on American Consumers. CLICK HERE for the Full Story: Whoever you are, wherever you are, tax dodging by America’s largest telecommunications companies has already had, and will continue to have significant …

Guilty as Charged…We knew it to be true, now we have the evidence

Scratching our head we look at our telephone bill, remarking: WTFraudulent-over-charges is going on here? We have known forever and a day the phone companies have been sticking it to us. Well the good news is our expert data guy from New Networks Institute’s can prove it, beyond a reasonable doubt. Yes ladies and gentlemen …


5G And The IOT: Scientific Overview Of Human Health Risks

How much does it cost your ISP to send you that Internet signal?

Did Time Warner Cable over-bill customers…for 15 YEARS?