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One Million NIU Touched over 30 Million Lives

Here is short list of publications and TV interviews: News Agency Date Whittier Daily News March 29, 2012 Univision Ch34 Los Angeles April 2, 2012 KWHY-TV – Los Angeles April 11, 2012 ABC7 – Pico Rivera April 12, 2012 Univision – Fresno May 5, 2012 Univision Ch34 Los Angeles July 27, 2012 NIU On-line Korean …

Community Technology Report, October 27, 2019

I break down the real on the recent Irregulators vs. FCC lawsuit filed to break-up the big tax and price scam being played on American Consumers. Watch Video: Whoever you are, wherever you are, tax dodging by America’s largest telecommunications companies has already had, and will continue to have significant impact on your quality …

Guilty as Charged…We knew it to be true, now we have the evidence

Scratching our head we look at our telephone bill, remarking: WTFraudulent-over-charges is going on here? We have known forever and a day the phone companies have been sticking it to us. Well the good news is our expert data guy from New Networks Institute’s can prove it, beyond a reasonable doubt. Yes ladies and gentlemen …


5G And The IOT: Scientific Overview Of Human Health Risks

How much does it cost your ISP to send you that Internet signal?

Did Time Warner Cable over-bill customers…for 15 YEARS?