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La caza de brujas de la CPUC termina en vergüenza para la Comisión / CPUC’s witch-hunt ends in embarrassment to the Commission

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RISK ADVISORY to Parents with children (ages 0 – 17), Exposure to Wireless Technology has negative health effects to children CLICK HERE

Pueblito Fuerte is a way of life addressing the village’s needs, immediate and long term, by maximizing the existing resources within and under it’s control.  It includes working in strict cooperation with schools, organizations, corporations and community towards a common goal that provides for the consistent improvement of quality of life – all life, in the pueblito (village).  It also includes eliminating negative elements that are or may harm the pueblito – in any way. 

  • PROBLEM STATEMENT: Information and data – the “oil” of today’s economy – has been maliciously and intently manipulated by a handful of corporate operatives to the physical, economic and academic detriment of the village.
    • Specifically, children will be harmed; senior citizens could die and the general well-being of the community is being brazenly and negatively impacted by the construction of a cell tower at the historic La Casa Del Mexicano.
    • To Date: East Los Angeles Community Corp.’s (ELACC’s) President and CEO Manuel Bernal, and Isela Gracian and the board in it’s entirety, have acted in bad faith by ignoring the very community they claim to serve.
    • In October 2019 and again in February 2020 during a community meeting, ELACC’s representative publicly announced that they would be breaking the contract with Verizon in support of the community’s request.
    • Further, elected officials from the area, specifically LAUSD School Board Member Monica Garcia, City Councilman Jose Huizar and Councilman-elect Kevin De Leon have represented they stand with the members of this village in opposing the cell tower:
      • Councilman Huizar’s LETTER Opposing Cell Tower – see below
      • PICS & TWEETS from School Board member Garcia and Councilman Huizar, as well as Kevin De Leon supporting our community in opposition to the Verizon Cell Tower – see below
    • Additionally, the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council (BHNC) with unanimous support have Resolved to oppose the Verizon cell tower due to its negative impacts on community.
      • See BHNC LETTER below
  • BACKGROUND, generally(Read the Full Story Herein depth essay by L.A. Ortega)
    • Verizon, AT&T and other phone and Internet providers were collectively paid an estimated $500 Billion to upgrade America’s telephone/Internet networks to fiber-optics, our telecommunication infrastructure. They never delivered. The light shines bright on these failures by these companies during this corona virus crisis.  Millions of children – quite literally –  cannot get access to school resources, due to no Internet. Read the Full Story Here.
    • There are more than 1,800 doctors and scientists who have written about studies performed proving negative effects of wireless technology. Dr. Devra Davis during presentation at UC  San Francisco in November 2019
    • Verizon and Crown Castle have both advised their investors that liability may be incurred if [when] wireless technology on their network is shown to cause cancer, and other negative health effects.  Tech-TALK by L.A. Ortega, February 2020 (español)  
    • The laws governing the safety of wireless technology were written 26 years ago and never tested the effects on children.  Dr. Sharon Goldberg testimony before the State of Michigan. “…most compelling explanations of the effects of wireless radiation on human health, expertly navigating the associations between this non-ionizing radiation”.   
    • Chicago Tribune: Tests performed in 2019 by scientists and doctors showed cell phones emit 7 times the FCC standards into our brains, see article here.


  • BACKGROUNDPueblito: La Casa del Mexicano:
    • Summer 2019: community members share their concern on how their families will be effected by the cell tower:
    • August 2019 Univision TV Coverage: Boyle Heights Community March in Protest of Cell Tower:
    • April 2019 CBS Morning News Reports links cell tower to causing childhood cancer in California:
    • March 2020 Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council / Verizon Townhall Meeting: Neighbors from Boyle Heights strongly oppose the Verizon cell tower.  Verizon representatives present 26 year old data, claiming that it was current.
    • April 16, 2020 Aftermath of the Community Garden Destroyed. In comparing the pictures with Councilman-elect Kevin De Leon and the video below, it is easy to see the negative impact to community:
  • POSITIVE PROGRESS in name of community, pueblito precioso:
    • Statement from Brenda Martinez:
      • “Mr. Bernal and Ms. Isela Gracian, in their representation of ELACC’s position regarding the Verizon cell tower has been deceitful.  As a long time member of this community, I am disappointed with the ELACC organization.  They wade deep into the waters of malintent – putting profit over integrity.  They attempt to couch their predicament with Verizon as a “no way out” scenario.  The community knows for fact it is not true.  As they push forward on the construction of the cell tower, we are now talking about people dying in our neighborhood, children becoming sick and the quality of life diminishing for everyone. The irony: ELACC turning its’ back on the very people its’ own bylaws say they are committed to supporting.  Shame on Mr. Bernal Ms. Gracian and the entire board at ELACC.” 
    • April 8, 2020: A letter was sent to the entire ELACC Board explaining the liability they would incur were they to proceed with the construction of the cell tower.  The Attorney, Dafna Tachover from We Are the Evidence, representing community’s interests in opposition to the construction of the Verizon Cell Tower met with ELACC’s CEO and provided him with the letter.
      • See April 8th letter below from We Are the Evidence.
  • For More Information Call/Text: (424) 261-2430

Highlights / Archivos

Jun17-2020: Boyle Heights Neighborhood Representative, Brenda Martinez on KPFK Radio
  • East L.A. Community Corporation, cell tower landlords, “receives $1,000,000’s of our tax dollars, that’s our money”!
  • Mr. Bernal, ELACC’s CEO, says he can’t break VERIZON contract. What about the contract his company has with the community?!?  How is agreeing to radiate small children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – serving the community?!?
  • L.A. City Councilman Jose Huizar, took pictures with us last year, posted them on Instagram. We never heard from him again.
  • Kevin de Leon, L.A. City Councilman-elect says he is going to help. We haven’t seen that help.
  • To date, our political representation has been absent from the community’s call to save our children from the proven negative effects of radio frequencies, cell towers.

JUNE 8 2020:  “CPUC REGULATORY STAFF WITH MALICIOUS INTENTIONS ACTING WITH IMPUNITY: For at least the last 15 years the proverbial “tail wagging the dog” has been standard protocol for telecommunication regulators.  From the California Public Utilities Commission to the Federal Communications Commission, regulators have failed us miserably by allowing unprecedented mega-mergers with strings of promises never fulfilled; have lied about 5G technology’s safety to small children, in addition to one hundred more unruly decisions negatively impacting those lives to whom they were charged to safeguard.” READ THE FULL ARTICLE BY L.A. ORTEGA, JUNE 8, 2020

MAY 24, 2020

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Manuel Bernal, ELACC, promised to break contract, now says he can’t – community says , Ya Basta! (stop the lies)!

MAY 24, 2020

click picture

Councilman-elect Kevin De Leon: Children will be harmed and your inaction is infuriating.

May 21, 2020

Brenda Martinez on KPFK Radio

Part I

MAY 19, 2020

Covid-19 Digital-Learning-Economic Impact According to USC Study

“Civil Rights Violation of Epic Proportions”



MAY 13, 2020

Our good friend Bruce Kushnick, Irreglulators, uncovers massive lies being perpetrated on U.S. Consumers regarding 5G, and massive cash giveaway to big telephone and Internet companies. Read the Article here: Investigate FCC’s Manipulated 5G Market Research

MAY 5, 2020 (Spanish/español)

Los padres de Boyle Heights llevan a los jugadores nacionales al programa de radio para escuchar los peligros de las ondas de RF de las torres celulares y los peligros para los humanos y otras vidas.

Boyle Heights’ advocates bring national players to the radio program to sound-off on the dangers of RF waves from cell towers and dangers to humans and other life.




APRIL 20, 2020: BRENDA’s INTERVIEW WITH EXBRACEROS (haga clique): Brenda shares in this Facebook live video, the devastation that has ensued as construction begins on a cell tower promising to bring major health problems to the residents of Boyle Heights.

Brenda comparte en este video en vivo de Facebook, la devastación que se produjo a medida que comienza la construcción de una torre celular que promete traer graves problemas de salud a los residentes de Boyle Heights.

Video Footage May 2nd protest East L.A. Community Corp. needs to know community is serious about not putting harmful cell towers in their neighborhood:

Video de la protesta del 2 de mayo East L.A.Comunity Corp. necesita saber que la comunidad se toma en serio la idea de no poner torres celulares dañinas en su vecindario:



April 30, 2020: Brenda explains why no cell tower in her neighborhood.  It’s not being anti-technology, it’s being anti-dying, anti-wanting cancer for the kids in this neighborhood.

30 de abril de 2020: Brenda explica por qué no hay una torre celular en su vecindario. No es ser antitecnología, es ser anti-cáncer para los niños de este vecindario.

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