SB556 and AB537 – Bamboozle Bills of 2021

How is it that 31 CA Senators
Got It Wrong?

Wireless companies Verizon, AT&T, Comcast(Xfinity) et al, have went “all-in” on a misdirection campaign designed to leave those currently in the digital divide – right where they are today.  Meaning, despite claims by Senators and Assembly members of desires to bridge the digital divide, bills (legislation sponsored by the industry – SB556 and AB537) currently in the pipeline, will do nothing to address the issue.  Many of our elected officials have been bamboozled and their support for these bills risk derailing the build-out of a world class telecommunication infrastructure in California using fiber to the premises(FTTP).  In April of 2021, during a CA State Senate Telecommunications Committee hearing, senators said: privacy would not be impacted(see China’s 5G network that has completely eliminated all privacy among its citizens); competitiveness would be immensely enhanced(see fiber vs. 5G article below); and the digital divide would be closed(impossible without addressing price of service – which these bills DO NOT).

Americans for Responsible Technology unravel the nonsense

 These bills: a) do not fix the digital divide because price of service is NOT addressed, b) more antennas and more cell towers without the ability to insure these structures, put community unnecessarily at-risk and c) federally-funded research shows that exposure to radiation from wireless networks and devices causes cancer as well as organ and DNA damage; click learn more below.

Fiber Optics represents true broadband.  5G is 3rd rate, inferior technology

Click learn more below to see how technology experts rate speed, integrity, safety and more in comparing cable TV, fiber optics and inferior technology known as 5G.

08/13/2021 Landmark Court Decision: FCC “arbitrary and capricious” in setting wireless safety standards

“The Commission failed…adequately
protect against the harmful effects of exposure to
radiofrequency radiation unrelated to cancer.”

1,000+ scientific studies conducted by independent researchers from around the world

The biological effects of RF radiation coming from wireless technology is dire, especially to small children (babies), pregnant women and the elderly.  See the over 1,000 independent studies by clicking learn more, below. 

Do we really want to be like China, who leads the world in 5G deployment?

During the Senate Committee Hearing in April 2021, Senator Dodd said we got to be more like China, completely missing the fact that China’s citizens have no privacy; “5G will bring a new level of invasive surveillance”; “5G has enabled China to install 626 million CCTV cameras, one camera for every two persons,” as a matter of tracking its citizens’ every move.  This is not the America we want to live in, is it?  Click learn more, Internet security experts weigh-in on price of “convenience”.