Larry A. Ortega is recognized as one of the foremost authorities in the world relative to digital divide issues in the US.  A 35 year Information Technology (IT) veteran, Mr. Ortega designed a training model that brought technology training to community.  Ortega has written about and advocated for the economic advantages delivered when community has access to and relevant training on resources found on-line.

Mr. Ortega has a degree from Cal Poly Pomona in Computer Information Systems and attended law school at Western State University in Fullerton.  In 2011, Mr. Ortega brought together leaders from Asian, African American and Latino communities to launch in cooperation with school, business and civic leaders an initiative called One Million NIU(New Internet Users).  The One Million NIU consortia became the sole minority-led group to be awarded a grant from the California Public Utilities Commission’s CASF. 

Larry’s work around technology has been featured on TV, newspapers, magazines and radio, in five major languages, touching well over 28 million people. Few have made the impact Ortega has relative to new internet users maximizing the utilization of on-line resources for improved quality of life. Larry has conducted and spoke at both national and statewide conferences on the economic necessity of making sure corporations deliver on promises made in closing the digital divide.

As a father and grandfather, Larry understands clearly the role of doing whatever it takes for the next generation. Unabashed and unafraid, Mr. Ortega and the people he has touched will continue to go up against large, behemoth institutions in the name of making the world a better place. A place where the pursuit of happiness is not elusive due to lack of life’s most basic tool, quality Internet from home.

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