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Presentation Pomona Dem Club - The DUTTON DOCUMENT - ver. 7c


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Section 1: Introduction 1
Section 2: History 4
Section 3: Fiber Optic Cable Network- Dark and Lit (Active): 29
Section 4: BREAKING: 30
Section 5: Letter to President-elect Biden 33
Section 6: Other Health Effects 34
Section 7: Pathway Forward 46
Section 8: Footnotes 52

Problem Statement:
Since 1995 the carriers have received over $500 billion to wire America with fiber optics. The carriers have received hundreds of billions of dollars through fees collected from landline customers across America. The carriers have also been given extreme regulatory flexibility in setting consumer prices, and reporting actual work completed regarding ratepayer dollars used for FTTP (fiber to the premises) deployment. In fact, in 2012 the legislature gave CASF $300 million to– among other things –find the fiber-optics in the ground and on the poles; to date CASF has held the exclusive responsibility to identify where fiber optics are- an accounting of some 14 million miles of “dark” fiber has not been made part of the mix in determining how to close the divide. Now the carriers are trying to play catch-up by asking for more money, pinning all our hopes on 5G and other wireless devices and technology. It is well established that RF waves from wireless devices are harmful to small children.

Section 1: Pathway Forward – Broadband Safety and Integrity Council 4
Source of language and cites made below are provided by Scott McCullough, Esq.

Discuss legislative options in California to have carriers complete work on fiber optics to the home and ensure rates are “fair” and real costs are used in setting consumer rates.

CA’s Expedited Access to Revenue to Close Digital Divide

Problem I: Internet service is too costly for many families residing in underserved areas are unfairly and illegally ignored; price for Internet is a primary barrier to access high speed broadband;
     a. California ratepayers using carriers AT&T, Frontier Communications,
CenturyLink, Consolidated Communications or Windstream1 are paying rates that far exceed costs. The resulting overcharges in California equal at least $1 billion per year; recommend CPUC: revise cost accounting/separations methods; and adjust consumer rates to be reflective of true costs;
     b. Carriers must be compelled to complete the work on fiber-to-the-home and small businesses. They have already been paid.
     c. Consider increased taxation based on wireless revenues; they can afford it – most of their costs are being paid by us, the rate payers;
     d. Encourage audits to identify past property and gross receipts tax
underpayments; the FCC is using outdated cost accounting rules; the carriers routinely “undercount” their installed fiber and copper assets by ignoring dark fiber; the result is a significant underpayment to local taxing jurisdictions (e.g. Pomona, Chino, etc.); each jurisdiction should audit as far back as is permissible and seek payment of all past underpayments; we believe that most local jurisdictions – all of which are suffering tax
revenue shortfalls – will identify large past underpayments. Recovery of
these amounts will materially address some of their current financial
     e. Subsidize Muni-Broadband Services; duplicate model cities providing
broadband at rates below industry rates, and doing it profitably;

Carriers’ Playing Cruel Joke on Rate Payers

Problem II: After 20 years of promising to connect America with fiber optics, the carriers now claim that giant wireless towers and antennas (5G) are the answer to closing the digital divide, wholly ignoring the reality of the harms RF waves from wireless devices cause on humans and the environment:
a. In light of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) admission during the DC Circuit Court hearing on January 25, 2021; the FCC did not follow the law in setting safety standards; non-thermal RF waves are harmful to small children according to 11,000 pages of evidence submitted in EHTrust vs. FCC, January 25, 2021;

     b. The Council encourages the California Legislature to duplicate France’s
prohibition of wireless technology where small children learn, play and are
cared for; and instead recommend a fiber-optic infrastructure in the name
of safety; in so doing, this opens the door to a massive job creation
opportunity for our tradesmen and women in the internal wiring business;
iii. There are an immense number of challenges RF waves from wireless
devices and towers pose5.

Open Letter to Elon Musk & SpaceX
 SUBJECT: Of bees, humans, and satellites
In 1962, when Rachel Carson published Silent Spring, insects were  so thick upon this Earth that you could not drive a car very far,  anywhere in the world, without its windshield becoming splattered with  their bodies.

Ms. Carson would not recognize the world today: Windshields are  clean. Birds are starving. Crops have no pollinators. A solution has  been suggested for farmers: robotic bees, which are being developed at  Harvard University. But that is not a solution for the world, because as  the insects go, so go we.

And the world knows this. Why have millions of people joined  environmental organizations? Why did Jeff Bezos just create a $10  billion-dollar environmental fund? Why are wealthy people signing up to  go live on Mars and leave the Earth behind? Because our home is being  destroyed, and on some level everyone knows this. But they do not know  why. Yes, there are climate change, habitat destruction, and  insecticides, but those cannot explain the 76 to 82 percent decline in  flying insects in 63 nature preserves in Germany. Those cannot explain  the 97 to 98 percent decline in crawling insects in a pristine  rainforest in Puerto Rico.

If you expose honey bees to an ordinary cell phone for just ten  minutes, their metabolism shuts down. Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins  build up in their blood. They can no longer metabolize their food or  utilize the oxygen they breathe. And since the same radiation is bathing  us all, to a greater or lesser degree, everywhere on Earth, the same  thing is happening to every living thing. It happens faster in bees than  in us because bees have a much higher metabolism. The radiation comes  from all forms of wireless technology, on Earth and in space, and it is  being treated as if it is not there.

We are writing to you at this time because SpaceX is in process of  surrounding the Earth with a network of thousands of satellites whose  very purpose is to irradiate every square inch of the Earth. SpaceX,  like everyone else, is treating the radiation as if it were not there.  As if the mitochondria in our cells do not depend on electrons moving  undisturbed from the food we digest to the oxygen we breathe. As if our  nervous systems and our hearts are not subject to radio frequency  interference like any piece of electronic equipment. As if the cancer,  diabetes, and heart disease that now afflict a majority of the Earth’s  population are not metabolic diseases that result from interference with  our cellular machinery. As if insects everywhere, and the birds and  animals that eat them, are not starving to death as a result.

We write to you today to ask you to halt the Starlink project because  it is so destructive. Although the satellites are a few hundred miles  high, even the tiny levels of radiation that will reach the surface of the Earth are higher than levels from solar storms that have been  correlated with beachings of whales — whales that live in oceans which  until now have hardly been subject to manmade radiation at all. And the  satellites are being located in the Earth’s ionosphere, which controls the global electric circuit that we all evolved with, and that travels  through the bodies of all living things on its way from sky to Earth,  through Earth and oceans, and back up to the sky during thunderstorms.  We pollute this circuit with billions of electronic frequencies at our  peril.

We ask you to halt this project and sit down and meet with us, and  with our scientific colleagues, and with our colleagues from the  astronomical community, who have just formed the Safeguarding the  Astronomical Sky Foundation (SASF). The sky belongs to everyone. The  consequences of filling it with thousands — potentially tens of  thousands — of disposable satellites are many:
  • radiation
  • visible pollution of the night sky
  • interference with astronomy and meteorology
  • rocket exhaust, contributing to ozone depletion and climate change
  • ground and water pollution from intensive use of increasingly many spaceports
  • accumulating space debris
  • continual deorbiting and burning up of aging satellites, polluting the atmosphere with toxic dust and smoke
  • ever-increasing likelihood of collisions
  • increasing risk of the Kessler syndrome
Do we really want to build learning gardens at our schools, that will  be pollinated with robotic bees? Do the oceans and Antarctica and all rainforests and wildlife preserves really need the Internet? Do the  immutable stars in the unchanging heavens really need competition from  ten thousand or more moving lights? We believe in something better. For us. For our children. For insects and for all of life.
We await your response. Sincerely,
Arthur Firstenberg, Scientist & Author, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life, (2020)