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Now, is your time!

The Article that put Me -us- on Secretary of State Padilla’s Radar

Op_Ed     Originally published April 16, 2012 (REPUBLISHED Oct. 2020, with updates) Think Globally   De-regulation, Not So Fast Mr. SenatorBy: L.A. Ortega “Your ideology was not right, was not working?” asked Congressional Representative Waxman during a Congressional hearing on the economic meltdown of 2008. “Precisely,” answers Alan Greenspan, admitting his policies of allowing markets …

For The Children

Larry Ortega in 1994 launched the first ever El Dia de Tecnologia, a bilingual technology conference designed to highlight break-out Latino led organizations bringing product, service, training and awareness.

Examples of working Green economic models

A vision for the region of Pomona Valley that means jobs, health, economic sustainability.

In the middle of climate catastrophe (not change).

Climate catastrophe has happened before—and it’s teaching us about the future.

When you buy Netflix you support teacher union busting

In 2016 Netflix’ CEO, Reed Hastings, dumped nearly $4 million into California candidates supporting the privatization of public schools