An Interview with Larry Ortega:
No chance 5G bridges the digital divide

When you take into consideration the fact that 5G devices cost around $1,300, you will quickly see the impossibility of a 5G telecommunication infrastrucutre solutions solving the digital divide.  Recognize the pricing around service and devices are the number one barrier to folks living in the digital divide.  When you add to this fact, that the 5G devices are designed with a 2-year life span, for the purposes of maximizing profits; obsolescence is by desgin and will further remove any 5G solution as a way to close the digital divide – despite the testimony of Verizon’s Mr. Reyes during CA state senate hearings.  There is one right way to deploy state of the art telecommunication infrastructure and that is with fiber optics – to and through the home.  Many thanks to Environmental Health Trust’s Theodora Scrato’s, see the full interview here with Larry Ortega.

Link to Interview with Larry Ortega

Wireless-only Infrastructure Cost 2x’s Fiber, and consumes as much as 10x’s more energy than Fiber

The Fiber Broadband Association Commissioned a study comparing costs between wireless-only vs. fiber… Fiber-optics infrastructure comes-out the clear winner by a wide margin in both cost and energy efficiencies.  Wireless-only solutions represent a race to obsolescence, by design

On May 13, 2022, the President’s NTIA released its NOFO for grants in connection with the BEAD Program, authorized by the IIJA of 2021

NTIA has determined that “Priority Broadband Projects” are those that use end-to-end fiber-optic architecture; in essence a “fiber first” policy.

There is an unprecedented opportunity to close the digital divide yet some agencies are opting to forego these investments for fiber-optics and instead are marrying themselves to wireless-only infrastructure: which represents a race to obsolescence and leaves digital divide communities at the bottom rung of the technology ladder.

1,000+ scientific studies conducted by independent researchers from around the world

The biological effects of RF radiation coming from wireless technology is dire, especially to small children (babies), pregnant women and the elderly.  See the over 1,000 independent studies by clicking learn more, below. 

08/13/2021 Landmark Court Decision: FCC “arbitrary and capricious” in setting wireless safety standards

“The Commission failed…adequately
protect against the harmful effects of exposure to
radiofrequency radiation unrelated to cancer.”