RF Radiation In-Home Testing

Testing routers, cellphones iPads, laptops and other wireless devices for RF Radiation levels 

Home Safety RF Radiation Inspection  Wireless devices emit harmful RFR – minimize your exposure for improved quality of life

On August 13, 2021 a landmark decision issued by the 9th District Court of Appeals sets to course-correct the wild-wild west regime of the wireless industry and it’s captured agency. Ellie Marks, president and founder of CA Brain Tumor Association in response to this landmark decision said: “I have been working on this issue for over 13 years. Saying it is tough to go up against a trillion-dollar industry that has captured our federal agencies is an understatement”

This Way to a Safer HomeLink to landmark appellate court decision

Pricing for In-Home RFR Testing

Plans and services that work within your budget.  Low income households qualify for 15% discounts



One Hoiur

  • Measure known RFR hotspots, list report
  • Provide short report (no diagram) how to mitigate
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Ten Days

  • Measure
  • Diagram
  • Consultation
  • Training
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