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With Covid-19 forcing kids to learn from home, a giant spotlight shines on AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, and Spectrum on how they have failed to deliver on merger promises, resulting in the digital divide.  

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Learn how to support your child during this time of crisis via the Internet.  Simultaneoulsy improve your technology skills to earn more income.

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Larry A. Ortega

I have touched millions of people with my words and by example, in the work I do in Information Technology. I built this site as a means to share a compilation of life’s experiences in hopes that you may benefit. My goal is to share with those around the world via speaking engagements, how to empower parents and community with meaningful technology tools that enhance family values.

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Digital red-lining by Internet Providers, negative education Impact

MAY 19, 2020BY L.A. ORTEGA One of L.A.’s oldest and historic neighborhoods is about to[…]

In Time of Crisis:

Supt. Beutner, LAUSD: “only about 68% of all high school students are participating in studies online, meaning about 40,000 are not”

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Absolutely we should bring driverless cars, wet diaper detectors, stove top usage reports, the tracking of your every move via your cell phone a.k.a. 5G...RIGHT AFTER EVERY HOME IS WIRED WITH FIBER OPTICS. Until all kids can connect, we AIN'T got nothing to talk about re:5G.

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