Public Speaker, Writer, Community Empowerment Agent.

IN TIME OF CRISIS WE MUST ALL DO OUR PART. Covid-19 has forced school closures and the rude awakening that our infrastructure and deployment of training and support is near third world status in some of our communities. As such, me and my team are offering super-discounted on-line training. We are making on-line training available to all parents via a clean, user friendly, sophisticated, video conferencing platform. Children in the US will be negatively affected by the school closures, some more than others. Those in line for the worst impact are the children that were already struggling. Entire schools whose tests scores were in the 15% range in Math, will be devastated. We will assist these parents and children via our on-line support system.

We are also raising the ante on holding the ISP’s accountable to the promises made during their merger agreements. Many of whom promised they would have already connected millions of these households currently without Internet today. The whole time, Internet Service Providers (Verizon, Comcast, Spectrum, et al) have complained it was just too costly to connect kids in rural America to the Internet. This rhetoric has accomplished two things: 1) The necessary distraction to the fact that more kids in the inner-city in New York and Los Angeles – where technology is prevalent – are without than all the rural communities combined; and 2) knowing what we now know about deployment of free devices to children in school, it was never a cost issue, but rather a resistance to make upgrades to the infra-structure issue. For shame on those greedy bastards, but for now we must work together to meet this crisis head-on. We will come back to this once the dust has settled on this issue.

I have touched millions of people with my words and by example, in the work I do in Information Technology, specifically Internet and computer training. The teams that I have built have allowed us to train well over 30,000 people across the state of California. We have brought training to areas where politicians have told us it could not be done. We have trained the hardest of hard to reach non-English speaking population on how to get on line and become avid users in technology. We can and will be an asset in this time of crisis.

For me the key to life is to love God, self and neighbor. I am blessed to be a perpetual learner, a collector of happy moments…throughout my day, everyday.


Join me in impacting the world for the next generation.

L.A. Ortega