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If you need a voice to support (advocate) your technology issue, I’m your man. If you desire to communicate a message in writing or through video, I got you. If you need answers, training or inspection of your exposure to RFR (radio frequency radiation) from wireless devices, and infrastructure on poles, towers and wires, you’re in the right place.

Public Speaker Tech Talk Host

Larry has touched more than 30 million people with his words, via interviews in Spanish language television and public speaking events.

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Writer / Video Producer

Larry has produced over 240 videos and written over 100 articles.  He specializes in getting to the core of an issue and articulating complicated subject matter where all can understand.

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Test Your Exposure to RF Radiation

With unprecedented wireless devices and infrastructure on poles and wires our bodies are in a constant bath of RFR’s (radio frequency radiation). Pomona has over 200 wireless radars, towers and antennas in places you would least expect.

Learn Why You Should Be Concerned with RFR

Economically-speaking Fiber-Optics is the Best Choice

Fiber-Optics is the Best Choice

Wireless-only Infrastructure Cost 2x’s Fiber, and consumes as much as 10x’s more energy than Fiber

The Fiber Broadband Association (FBA)  Commissioned a study comparing costs between wireless-only vs. fiber…Fiber-optics infrastructure comes-out the clear winner by a wide margin in both cost and energy efficiencies.  Wireless-only solutions represent a race to obsolescence, by design

“Internet for All” Initiative: Bringing Affordable, Reliable High-Speed Internet to Everyone in America

NTIA (National Telecommunications and Information Administration) has determined that “Priority Broadband Projects” are those that use end-to-end fiber-optic architecture; in essence a “fiber first” policy.

Some agencies are opting to forego investments for fiber-optics and are instead marrying themselves to the GREAT SUBSTITUTION: wireless-only infrastructure instead of fiber-optics, the telecommunications companies’ grand scheme to rip-off America

Biologically-speaking (Your HEALTH & Our Environment) Fiber-Optics is the Best Choice