Community Technology Report, October 27, 2019

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Community Technology Report, October 27, 2019

I break down the real on the recent Irregulators vs. FCC lawsuit filed to break-up the big tax and price scam being played on American Consumers.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, tax dodging by America’s
largest telecommunications companies has already had, and will continue to have
significant impact on your quality of life and your economic future.  More on this in a minute.  Not a single corporation has fully delivered
on merger promises dating all the way back to 1995; making these giant cash
rich Internet and phone companies liars at best – thieves at its very worst.  We relied heavily on the fulfillment of
promises in considering the merger pleas in the first place.  So where is the enforcement?  Where are the cops on the beat?

Regulators, state and federal legislators drinking the
kool-aid served by telecommunication’s top lobbyist say, children and their
families DO NOT need hard-wired fiber-optic connections to the home.  There is wireless technology.  “Who doesn’t have a cell phone these days,”
they quip…

Teachers, principals, administrators, superintendents
throughout California and the country have all bought into the idea that poor
kids have no right to the technological resources available to their more
affluent counter parts.


1. Why should low income children be relegated to inferior
technology?  AT&T and Verizon were
already paid, via charges on all of our telephone bills.  They owe us! 

2. Children – literally – cannot do their homework on cell
phone devices, and should not be expected to because that is not how America
does business.  Why are we training our
youth in a methodology not based in real world scenario?  Banks, Insurance, Transportation and
Government all do business via hard-wired high-speed Internet access.

Children can’t type a paper the same as their peers who do
have hard-wired, quality internet at home. 
They can’t do research the same and will not learn the same as children
who do have the minimal tools needed at home to succeed academically.  Today Internet at home is like books to read,
reading glasses to see and a meal to eat. 
It is obligatory, not a luxury. 
Why are we allowing these kool-aid drinkers to sway us from providing
our future economic engine the tools that absolutely must be in place?

What’s at Risk for Kids, our Country?

In Pomona Unified School District only 1 in 4 kids can read
at grade level.   Over the last 24 years
AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and Charter (Internet Service Providers- ISP’s)
committed to connecting everyone to the rich resources available on-line.  In so doing, children from all socio-economic
walks would get access to tools that could literally help them close the
achievement gap in a matter of 6 months. 
But these promises were not kept. 
Instead the ISP’s, in apparent collusion with the FCC, setup a system
that would over-charge regular customers, deny access to low-income households,
and essentially put on hold the build-out of 21st century infrastructure (fiber
optics).  ISP’s dodged $100’s of millions
in taxes through artificially contrived losses enabled by archaic accounting
rules setup by the Federal Communications Commission 20 years ago, creating
nothing short of the perfect storm for big telecommunication companies.  This fleecing of American consumers at the
expense of our economic future is a high crime, or at least should be.  Children are precluded from accessing
resources they need, having been relegated to wireless – inferior –
alternatives, forced to their local Starbucks or McDonalds for
connectivity.  For children who can’t
afford quality Internet at home, this has become an accepted and adopted school
policy for many school districts throughout the country.  The needs of our future economic prosperity
are ignored.  Profits have trumped
integrity, logic and real world needs concerning our future.

Where are children who cannot read at grade level going to
work?  Who will be responsible for
supporting them 10 – 20 years from now? 
By deferring the build-out of America’s fiber-optics we exacerbate the
problem with the passing of every year, in the name of enriching massive
corporations whose cash flow resources have become ungodly lucrative.  For example, AT&T (other ISP’s as well,
just not as good as AT&T) hosts the entire California legislature every
year for a weekend at the beautiful Pebble Beach Hotel and Golf Resort. 

Buying policy, policy-makers and even the regulators (the
cops on the beat), has emerged as standard protocol.  But I digress… 

Cell phone and wireless access is not a viable substitute
for our children when compared to fiber-optic hard wired connection to the
home.  Adding to wireless’
unacceptability are untested health concerns of cell phone towers, cell phones
and the introduction of 5G technology.

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