Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation:
Nutrition Reset

Detailed information on the products, their impact and other learning tools about gut health as the key to healthy living.  Bio-medic: proven to remove glyphosate out of the gut; Super-Aminos 23 absorbs into your cells within 23 minutes, and  the Power Shake tasty, easy to prepare, and the portable blender makes this ULT program  convenient and simple to plug into.

Nutrition Reset Details
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Auto-Immune Disorder
Increase Energy – Lean Muscle
Reduce Joint Pain
Release Inflammation
Migraines Be Gone
Hormonal Balance
High Blood Pressure
“…getting your gut healthy helps mitigate all these health issues”

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Cycling: Baja California to Oregon – 1,400 miles

I am an avid road cyclist. I have ridden the entire coast of California, 1,400 miles; fallen in love 100’s of times with both nature and people; having met some of the coolest people on my travels. Each year in May, beginning in 2008, me – my backpack and bike have hit the rode to cover a few hundred miles of the coast…But everything starts with health for me.  I literally owe my life to cycling and eating right (most of the time).

Coastal Ride & Training
Articles on Our Impact to Digital Divide Community, a Unique and Profound Journey

What do people living in the digital divide need? Answer: Ubiquitous, seamless access to on-line resources not unlike how electricity and water is currently deployed/provided; with safety, integrity, and affordability at the center of policy on deployment decisions.  Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) is the only way to get there.

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