HNS: Health, Nutrition and Spirituality

HNS – Health, Nutrition and Spirituality

Taking my Health and Nutrition to a whole new level.  Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation (ULT) takes you through the foundational steps to healthy living through nutrition.  If you are interested in a reset of your gut health, hormone balance, more energy or to release weight/inflammation – then this ULT is worthy of deeper look.  It’s simple.  We can do a zoom call or I can send you a video link that discusses the success stories of others who have taken the ULT journey.

VIDEO – Highlights

Cycling 1,400 miles on Coast of California: Baja California to Brookings Oregon

I catalog my adventures up and down the coast of California beginning in 2008 and continuing into 2022 when I cross the Oregon-California border,  a monumental moment.

Imagine a world where doctors’ first line of advice to you is to get you on the ULT

My vision is for everyone I know is to understand better how the body functions and to have a clear understanding of the importance of eating clean.

SPIRITUALITY: Having read the bible cover to cover more than once – the essence of its message is that LOVE is paramount.  I start my daily journey with scripture.  Peace and health to you and yours.