Pomona’s Economic Prosperity Projects / Proyectos de Prosperidad Económica de Pomona

Business and Community Engagement for
Economic Prosperity in Pomona

There is the very important issue of economic recovery within the City of Pomona that requires the engagement of the whole village. I share three projects designed to maximize revenue opportunties in our recovery in Pomona.  If managed correctly, these projects greatly benefit our local economy and the quality of life for our residents.  The success of these projects depend on us having the full breadth of our diversity at the disucssion table.  Briefly they are as follows:
     1. TCC a.k.a. Pomona ACTS – see link below for details on how this $200,000 planning grant that has been awarded to the City of Pomona, could turn into a $39M award for our local economy; 
     2. Pomona’s Open For Business – concentrating a percentage of institutional purchasing powers’ spend toward Pomona-based businesses.  
     3. President Biden’s Relief Package: Between $51M – $46M in relief funding from President Biden’s relief package is coming to Pomona; ensuring the priorities of local business and community relating to the spend of these monies are heard – is paramount – as these monies arrive.

TCC a.k.a.
Pomona ACTS

A $200k planning grant has set Pomona up for access to $39M for economic development and improved quality of life.  You can find the details of this grant award  by clicking learn more below.  Activity is currently underway with the next meeting scheduled for July 13, 2021 at 3:00 p.m.,

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Open For Business

In the 2018-2019 fiscal period approximately $81M was spent in construction projects by one of our institutional purchasing powers, e.g. school district, city, hospital, etc. Not a single dime went to any Pomona-based businesses.  A group of leaders have been working to change that, ensuring that of the billion dollar spend annually, a % is targeted toward Pomona businesses.

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President Biden’s Relief Package: Between $51M – $46M to Pomona

Upcoming forums to discuss business and community priorities will help guide these dollars to high need areas within the city.

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