Vaccine Mandates For Kids?

Vaccine Mandates For Kids?

By: L. A. Ortega
November 17, 2021

Did Dr. Fauci, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President-elect Biden in the year 2020 say vaccine mandates are something we should not be doing? Yes, they did say that. So what changed? Certainly not the science. In fact, children’s risk of serious harm from Covid is so small – it is barely measurable.

Hearken, you who are in power over the multitude and lord it over throngs of peoples! Because authority was given you by the Lord and sovereignty by the Most High, who shall probe your works and scrutinize your counsels! Because, though you were ministers of his kingdom, you judged not rightly, and did not keep the law, nor walk according to the will of God, terribly and swiftly shall he come against you, because judgement is stern for the exalted.

Wisdom 6: 2-5

From health ministers in Mexico to self-described pothead-comedians who do their podcast from their garage, e.g. Jimmy Dore, we hear Covid vaccine risks to children out-weigh the benefits. Jimmy Dore tells us that he nets more views and downloads than the news organization CNN. Jimmy Dore has been a truth revealer and has done exceptional journalism in educating people – about the absolute sham our supposed political allies have been pulling on us. Jimmy Dore and his colleagues (experts, journalists) have uncovered truths that have served to educate the public in ways that main stream media is incapable of doing. There is video from 2020 where Fauci, Pelosi and Biden make statements opposing mandated vaccines (click picture below to see):

As you can see from the chart above, one should be skeptical regarding risks/benefits assertions.   The Covid vaccine’s goal is to lessen the severity of the symptoms’ impact of Covid.  As it relates to stopping the spread, or preventing your child from getting Covid, these goals are scientifically unachievable through the vaccine.  Campaigns to mandate vaccinations on the grounds that the Covid vaccine will stop the spread or prevent you from getting it are not supported by the science. Israel and other countries with high vaccination rates are seeing transmission of Covid between the vaccinated, similar to those who are not vaccinated.   There is no difference.  President Biden claimed that this was the pandemic of the unvaccinated.  This claim is not supported by the science.  

If what we are being asked to do is to make our children, 5 – 11 years in age, available to become walking experiments, then this is what the government and other leaders should say. It is dishonest to make claims that teachers in classrooms will be safer with children vaccinated. The science does not support this claim. Kids who are vaccinated are just as likely to transmit Covid as those children who are not vaccinated. Parents should have a clear understanding why they should or should not give their child the Covid vaccine.

Conflicts of interest, revolving doors

Big Pharma has hijacked the influence of some of our most trusted voices, e.g. one of America’s most famous Latino cartoonist, Lalo Alcaraz.  According to recent tweets and LinkedIn posts, Lalo’s on a campaign to encourage our children to become walking lab experiments(rats); and is in lock-step with big Phama.  Folks like Mr. Alcaraz are talented, brilliant minds, with giant hearts, who I truly believe would never do anything on purpose to harm our children.  But the influence of big-dollar-Pfizer is so enormous, they are now compromising our most influential advocates.  Encouraging a total shutdown on discourse on the matter of options on how to deal with Covid, is by itself highly suspicious.  Why can we not talk about the facts that children are more likely to die from the regular flu than from Covid according to the science? And on and on…there is much to be known about this novel Covid virus, making discourse the requisite – not the enemy.  

Mr. Alcaraz is the cartoonist who drew the Godzilla-like Mickey Mouse when Disney was trying to buy the right to trademark the phrase “dia de los muertos“.  Mr. Alcaraz drew the Mickey Mouse, tall as skyscrapers, in protest over the attempt by Disney.   So it was weird for me to see him 180° on the other side of people’s freedom of choice.  He wrote, “Don’t spread misinformation,” when I commented on his post about his tour d’vaccine.  I soon found that I had been excommunicated from Lalo’s followers; forever banned into the abyss of fans who had a legitimate, independent opinion on how Covid vaccine mandates for children are unsubstantiated and parents deserved to know.  The act of blocking people from the conversation serves to restore the echo chamber, leaving in tact – homogeneous commentary; devoid of meaningful discourse regarding this particular topic. 

Is the goal to mandate vaccines on our childrenOr, is the goal to keep our children safe from harm

If the latter, then the data tells us the Covid vaccine should not be mandated en masse, especially to small children ages 5-11.  Breaks my heart to see these experimental Covid jabs going into a child’s arm.  Parents believe, in good faith, they are safe.  Yet the very means by which the vaccine was okayed for small children – Emergency Use Authorization – is by definition, done so without following all the protocols for safety.  Emergency Use Authorization grants that because there is a state of an “emergency”, safety protocols meant to ensure no harm – can be skipped. 

Mamas, daddies and guardians of children 5 – 11 years old, get all the facts before subjecting your child to an unnecessary, experimental vaccine trial.   Ninety-nine point ninety nine percent (99.99%) of children infected with Covid will survive.  Long term effects of this experimental vaccine on children are unknown.  Tweaking the immune system of a small child – as does the Covid vaccine – has affects which we do not yet understand.  Is it irresponsible for us to mandate Covid vaccines on children at this juncture?  Most likely, given the science on this issue.


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