Digital red-lining by Internet Providers, negative education Impact

Digital red-lining by Internet Providers, negative education Impact

MAY 19, 2020

One of L.A.’s oldest and historic neighborhoods is about to be violated with untested/unmonitored levels of radiation (RF waves).  Councilman Jerry Velasco from El Monte asks “if these towers and antennas are safe why are there warnings saying pregnant women should not be close to them?”

From small children to the abuelos (grandparents), the well-being of tens of thousands of life forms will be disrupted if Verizon and the East Los Angeles Community Corporation (ELACC) successfully bulldoze over their neighbors’ clear stance on not wanting a cell tower built at La Casa del Mexicano. Residents and farmers in Los Angeles join a long list of Trade Associations, Unions, Doctors, Scientists, School Districts and Neighborhood Councils in pulling back a curtain of false claims that cell towers are “not dangerous” and pose “no serious health threat”.  Take a look at the following communications written by credible entities warning about the dangers of cell towers and antennas.

The science is conclusive and there is no debate.  Cell towers and 5G antennas do have negative health effects on humans, especially small children.  Putting a cell tower in the middle of a residential neighborhood as planned by ELACC is in direct contradiction to their own mission statement.

The telecommunication industry has lied to the American people so much it is impossible to separate fact from fiction.  They float nonsensical ideas that are consistently debunked.  Worst of all the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are lock-step in line with the telecommunication industry.  The FCC, America’s watch-dogs turned mere lap-dogs for an industry that has literally stolen billions of dollars from consumers.  See

This past Friday mom’s from East L.A. sent a communication to their local Superintendent of schools and LAUSD board member Monica Garcia, asking for their fiber-optics as promised by Internet providers. Their request is simple, a conference call to discuss how to fix this massive short-fall the telecommunication giants have exacted on our children.  According to Dr. Hernan Galperin, USC, about 40% – 60% of kids in Pomona, El Monte and East L.A. cannot do distance learning. 

The Covid-19 stay-at-home orders has revealed the digital red-lining the phone and Internet companies have exacted on Latino and African-American communities in Los Angeles and the U.S. 

This is not just about children missing a few weeks or months of school work.  There are long-term impacts when children cannot logon to their classes.  This will cost our country dearly.  The cost is immeasurable at this juncture.  However, what is certain, over $500 billion was misused by AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink et al, according to the Irregulators’ estimate.

We hope to engage your help in supporting these parents in their quest to ascertain what is rightfully theirs – high speed internet from the home.  Internet companies having to make an extra buck was never a contingent factor in the multiple merger agreements executed over the last 20 years.  So…commentary about how Internet Providers cannot make any money in certain areas WAS NEVER PART OF THE DEAL!

We need everyone all-in on this one.  Please read the links provided above.  If you have any questions, or if anyone is blowing monkey-dust (ideas that cannot be substantiated) in your ear about what is stated above is debatable, please call me or check our website.  The facts are conclusive.  Our kids have been cheated.  This has never been more evident than now.


Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Larry Ortega
May 19.2020