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December 11, 2021: Testing, Mapping and Survey Train the Trainer

December 11, 2021 Stan Santos of the Communication Workers of America will led a Train the Trainer Session on how to complete the Fiber-Up My Neighborhood – Pomona Survey, and teach a cohort of leaders from Mt. SAC, Pomona Unified School District, nonprofit organizations on how to conduct the CalSpeed Tests on Internet access from …

Webinar-210719: FCC are not Doctors and Wireless Cos. are in it for the Profit; It’s up to the Parents (Moms and Dads) to protect their children; the current telecommunication “dereg” regime has failed us, and is unnecessarily exposing small children to preventable harm caused by RF

CLICK HERE FOR JULY 19TH @ 11AM WEBINAR: FCC, Wireless Cos. and Parents protecting their children Tech-Talk with Larry Ortega podcast #210714, CLICK HERE TO LISTEN  NO PRE-MARKET SAFETY TESTING ON 5G SO-CALLED “SMALL CELLS”, TELECOM IS USING THE TOBACCO PLAYBOOK, lies about no harmful health affects from wireless radiation, despite overwhelming evidence, CHILDREN ARE MOST …

For The Children

Larry Ortega in 1994 launched the first ever El Dia de Tecnologia, a bilingual technology conference designed to highlight break-out Latino led organizations bringing product, service, training and awareness.

Examples of working Green economic models

A vision for the region of Pomona Valley that means jobs, health, economic sustainability.

In the middle of climate catastrophe (not change).

Climate catastrophe has happened before—and it’s teaching us about the future.

When you buy Netflix you support teacher union busting

In 2016 Netflix’ CEO, Reed Hastings, dumped nearly $4 million into California candidates supporting the privatization of public schools