Bathing In Radio Frequency Radiation: The Great Substitution!

Bathing In Radio Frequency Radiation: The Great Substitution!

According to Building Biologist Albina Molina, Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) measuring in excess of 1,000 micro Watts per meter squared (mW/m2) is biologically harmful and can damage human, animal and plant DNA.  More than 1,000 independent studies have proven RFR to be biologically harmful, causing DNA damage; these studies remain unrefuted by the FCC or FDA, Federal Communications Commission and Food and Drug Administration, respectively. 

Testimonials from Experts and Individuals Harmed by RFR

July 29, 2023:
By Larry Ortega

In the City of Pomona we had over 250 wireless antennas and towers registered with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as of 2019; that number today is higher.  We are reminded by Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Ernesto Falcon that wireless connectivity to the Internet is “10,000 times slower than fiber-optics.”  So, right out of the gate we are talking about an inferior product, an inferior means of connecting to the Internet when we talk about wi-fi (wireless) connectivity.  Justification of wireless inferiority is further supported by the Starbucks’, McDonald’s and Taco Bell’s of the world who are giving it away for “free!” 

Last month I took to my Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) reader, measuring RFR around south Pomona and found astonishing readings in excess of 100,000 micro Watts per meter squared (mW/m2) coming from the microwave towers located at Washington Park and behind the Rite Aid on the corner of Garey Avenue and Rio Rancho Road.  In the highly dense neighborhood located on the corner of Garey Avenue and Grand Avenue there is a cell tower.  This cell tower is less than 20 feet from where people live.  The readings according to my RFR reader showed RFR as high as 18,000 mW/m2, with the distance of 7 houses between me and the cell tower.  Building Biologist Albina Molina told me that 1,000mW/m2 is considered harmful.  Our kids playing baseball at Washington Park are bathed in 100 times more RFR than what is already considered harmful by Ms. Molina.  Pomona residents engaging in extremely valuable services offered from the Washington Park Senior Center and the several baseball fields at Washington Park are bathing in RFR, most likely to their harm, health-wise.  According to over 1,000 scientific studies that have not been refuted by the FCC, long-term and constant exposure to RFR’s is biologically harmful.

Impossible! you might say.  But the truth is the FCC is relying on data and studies that were conducted nearly 40 years ago, and the FCC – at that time – were only looking at “will it burn you?” and not the entirety of harm possible, like biological – DNA damage. 

Many will say that’s mere conspiracy theory talk.  But those who lack in understanding, which includes 95% of elected officials that I have talked with in both the San Gabriel Valley and the Inland Empire, do not understand the difference between wireless connectivity and fiber-optic connectivity to the Internet.  And many more do not understand or are unaware of the unprecedented opportunity to bring in tens of millions of dollars to build-out locally owned and operated fiber-optic networks, that is commonly known as municipal-broadband.  National models like in the cities of Chattanooga, TN and Pharr, TX, are offering 1 gigabit per second, symmetrical (upload and download) speeds for $50 per month.  They simultaneously offer students on free or reduced lunch programs – FREE – access to the Internet.  An organization to support municipal broadband efforts recently formed and is headed-up by the well-connected and extremely knowledgeable Gigi Sohn.

This begs the question: Why are big companies like AT&T, Verizon and others on a massive lobbying campaign to bamboozle lawmakers that unfettered, non-permitted, no notice – wireless proliferation will close the digital divide and make America more competitive?  It’s called the Great Substitution.  These big companies were paid billions and billions of dollars to upgrade America’s telecommunication infrastructure to fiber-optics, but never delivered.  The Great Substitution is a strategy to give everyone inferior wireless connectivity, so these companies don’t have to make fiber-optic upgrades.  This strategy is well documented in Bruce Kushnick’s book called Violations and Egregious Acts a Trillion Dollar Broadband Scandal.

Now HR 3557 is being fast-tracked through Congress to literally strip all local authority away from municipalities relating to wireless tower and antenna placement.  This appears to be an act of desperation by the big telecommunication interests as the public at-large becomes wiser and wiser about what is really going on.  We are hopeful lawmakers will heed the public call to vote NO on HR 3557. 

It just makes sense for a municipality, like Pomona, to build its own broadband network.  Not doing so promotes market manipulation. We have two providers in Pomona: Frontier and Spectrum who claim they are in competition with each other but have conveniently colluded, it appears, to charge the exact same customer-gouging prices.  There are much better models that are setting national precedence in Texas and Tennessee.  Pomona can do this, too.


Larry Ortega
July 29, 2023