Parents who are aware their children have their own Internal Communication System – know the importance of limiting outside communication interference, such as pollution, electromagnetic smog, and RF (radio frequencies) waves. Our children’s system are systems exponentially more sophisticated than the world’s fastest, smartest computers. The intricacy of our babies internal communication system moves messages from their brains down through their spinal cord and out to move a finger, grow a hair, flex a muscle, pump blood, divide cells, and trillions of other simultaneous instructions.  The integrity of the intricacy in the cell division process during our child’s growth is paramount.  That integrity is breached with wireless signals, meaning as the cell divides it may not be permitted to pass the exact copy of the needed messaging to both cells due to the interruption of wireless signals, Dr. Devra Davis.   The fact that cell division in small children is happening at an accelerated rate, mitigation of outside influences from wireless devices (cell phones, laptops, cell towers) must be pursued.  

RISK ADVISORY to Parents with Children (ages 0 – 17), Exposure to Wireless Technology

  • Children (ages 0 – 17) are in a higher state of cell division compared to adults;
  • Children have thinner skulls – more easily allowing for deeper penetration of microwaves, RF waves from cell phones and wireless technology devices like laptops, iPads, iPods, Chromebooks, 
  • Children’s immune systems are developing, outside interference with children’s communication systems weaken a child’s immune system, Dr. Devra Davis,
  • Signals from these wireless devices are disrupting, in a very negative way, the overall development of our children,
  • LIMIT CHILDREN’S EXPOSURE – is the only way in which we can minimize interruption to our children’s overall development.

Communication signals from wireless technologies are things.  These things are penetrating your children’s brains and bodies, to include internal organs.  On-going, unlimited exposure to these things cause substantial negative health effects to our children.   As parents we cannot disregard the facts.  Our children’s electrical systems must be protected, especially during their high growth years (ages 0 – 17).  

Here are resources that can help you navigate around the dangers of wireless communication devices.  CLICK HERE.

L.A. Ortega