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Life is Counting on Us – White, Black, Brown, et al to Defeat Monopolistic “economic” Brutality

L.A. OrtegaJune 21, 2020 CHAPTER ONE L.A. County Supervisor Hilda Solis, is one of the smartest and bravest persons I have ever met.  “Chicana power” she exclaimed 20 plus years ago to my young Latina daughters during a campaign gathering in her launch to unseat a long time democrat for Congress.  A year earlier she …

Too Many “NIU’s” on the Internet…

We cannot have too many “NIU’s” on the Internet because…

Entrenamiento en Computación e Internet

Investing in Our Youth Today, Pays High Returns in the Future

Technology Talks – Feb 8th

In this TECH-Talk, Mr. Ortega describes how 1,800 scientists and doctors across the globe have written about the unimaginable levels of radiation/EMF’s our children receive daily and how current laws in the U.S. (1996 Telecomm. Act) fall well short of protecting our families. Mr. Ortega calls for action on how to make safe the use of this tremendous resource.


“Today, internet at home is like books to read, reading glasses to see and a meal to eat,” Larry Ortega, founder of One Million NIU (new internet users) and advocate for affordable broadband access for low-income families. “It is obligatory, not a luxury. … Our future economic engine needs these tools to be in place.”