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Vaccine Mandates For Kids?

By: L. A. OrtegaNovember 17, 2021 Did Dr. Fauci, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President-elect Biden in the year 2020 say vaccine mandates are something we should not be doing? Yes, they did say that. So what changed? Certainly not the science. In fact, children’s risk of serious harm from Covid is so small – …

The Drive to Widen the Digital Divide – CalMatters

My inaugral publication into CalMatters: October 20, 2021By Larry Ortega – click picture for article

December 11, 2021: Testing, Mapping and Survey Train the Trainer

December 11, 2021 Stan Santos of the Communication Workers of America will led a Train the Trainer Session on how to complete the Fiber-Up My Neighborhood – Pomona Survey, and teach a cohort of leaders from Mt. SAC, Pomona Unified School District, nonprofit organizations on how to conduct the CalSpeed Tests on Internet access from …

The Article that put Me -us- on Secretary of State Padilla’s Radar

Op_Ed     Originally published April 16, 2012 (REPUBLISHED Oct. 2020, with updates) Think Globally   De-regulation, Not So Fast Mr. SenatorBy: L.A. Ortega “Your ideology was not right, was not working?” asked Congressional Representative Waxman during a Congressional hearing on the economic meltdown of 2008. “Precisely,” answers Alan Greenspan, admitting his policies of allowing markets …

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Investing in Our Youth Today, Pays High Returns in the Future