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In Time of Crisis:

Supt. Beutner, LAUSD: “only about 68% of all high school students are participating in studies online, meaning about 40,000 are not”

Entrenamiento en Computación e Internet

Investing in Our Youth Today, Pays High Returns in the Future

Technology Talks – Feb 8th

In this TECH-Talk, Mr. Ortega describes how 1,800 scientists and doctors across the globe have written about the unimaginable levels of radiation/EMF’s our children receive daily and how current laws in the U.S. (1996 Telecomm. Act) fall well short of protecting our families. Mr. Ortega calls for action on how to make safe the use of this tremendous resource.

“Today, internet at home is like books to read, reading glasses to see and a meal to eat,” Larry Ortega, founder of One Million NIU (new internet users) and advocate for affordable broadband access for low-income families. “It is obligatory, not a luxury. … Our future economic engine needs these tools to be in place.”

Technology Talk’s

L.A. Ortega has touched over 30 million people through his work over the last 35 years. Today Mr. Ortega continues delivers 4 Talks on engaging and arming parents and students with access to key resources fro safety and privacy.

2020 Risk Advisory on Cell Phone and Wireless Technology

Veteran Technology Expert Larry Ortega has taken some deep dives into the negative effects of EMF. Non-thermal, no heat, disruption to internal electrical communication system, CNS (Central Nervous System), especially to unborn children and kids under 10, should not be using cellular device.

One Million NIU Touched over 30 Million Lives

NIU’s success has attracted much media coverage. The stories leave incredible images of what the possibilities when technology tools are put in place to help develop a vision for a better , safer future.

Community Technology Report, October 27, 2019

I break down the real on the recent Irregulators vs. FCC lawsuit filed to break-up the big tax and price scam being played on American Consumers. CLICK HERE for the Full Story: Whoever you are, wherever you are, tax dodging by America’s largest telecommunications companies has already had, and will continue to have significant …

Guilty as Charged…We knew it to be true, now we have the evidence

Scratching our head we look at our telephone bill, remarking: WTFraudulent-over-charges is going on here? We have known forever and a day the phone companies have been sticking it to us. Well the good news is our expert data guy from New Networks Institute’s can prove it, beyond a reasonable doubt. Yes ladies and gentlemen …