Building Your Immunity with L.A. Ortega’s Juicing System

Building Your Immunity with L.A. Ortega’s Juicing System

Many people have asked me, how do I do it.  Staying in shape at 57 comes from juicing a minimum of three times per week, berries and ginger at least three servings per week and a daily ride of 5 – 10 miles per day on my bicycle.  Many people tell me what they are not going to eat – in order to lose weight.  Losing weight by not eating is the wrong approach according to Dr. Fuhrman, the expert where I get my tips from.  I say to those who want to lose weight – it is not about what you don’t eat, as much as it is what you do eat.  Dr. Fuhrman teaches us we need to get a full dose of micronutrients as frequent as possible.  So don’t worry so much about cutting stuff out of your diet.  Rather concentrate on giving your body all the things you know it needs.

Here is a short video I pulled together on the steps to juicing.  The thing you need to do to get the right things in your system.

Good luck! If you would like more tips or help in jumping into a more consistent program with someone who will help you be accountable to yourself, feel free to reach-out to me. I can share what I have learned to help you jumpstart your way back to health.


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